Monday, January 20, 2014

Facts vs. Fiction

In the realm of childhood sexual abuse, much of what is said is driven by emotions and understandably so.  The pain from the life altering experience makes it difficult to view the subject through glasses that can see the facts, not fiction.

However, as victims, it is incumbent upon us to try.  If we do, it will help us along our path to healing.

There are many unknowns on the subject of sexual abuse by priests - because of under reporting, lack of studies and silence.

@scottymastel over at Twitter posted an old article in the Denver Post today that I found to be interesting and thought you might as well. It deals with the subject of child sexual abuse and the professions that predators are in - clergy, teachers, etc.  Guess what? Priests don't have a corner on the market.  Those are the facts.

Let us continue to pray for all who are affected by abuse: victims, their families, yes - predators, and our faithful priests who find themselves under constant scrutiny.
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