Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Response to the Response

This will not be a popular post.

People are funny. When they have been deeply hurt or shamed, they can be unpredictable.

As a survivor of clergy sexual abuse always a practicing Catholic, and would be considered "right of center" in my view  of the Church (and world) I have been a student of human nature as regards abuse within the Church. 

God has gifted me with enough healing that I now generally can read about the issue with no longer feeling great pain. However, when there is what I consider injustice, all bets are off. 

Cardinal Sean O'Malley
Photo Credit: NBC News

Pope Francis has released the hounds. They will do some digging and return to him what they have found. 

This is wonderful news!

You wouldn't know it if you only read many "right of center" bloggers and publications. Only a few reported on it Monday.  I don't understand this. Are they ashamed? Do they not want to bring this dark subject into the light?  

Monday was a very bad day for me, not because of the Vatican Abuse Commission, but because of the silence of much of the conservative media. I felt hurt and betrayed. I have fought for the Church and tried to get the word out about the progress she has made in the protection of children. Now that MAJOR work is being done, we hear near silence instead of shouting from the mountain tops, "We care and are taking more action!"

For those who claim to be advocates for victims but clearly want to see the demise of the Church, (good luck with that), this action isn't enough. There is always a "but" or "we will believe it when we see it".  Rarely is there unconditional acknowledgment that the Catholic Chirch is doing good work.

Thank you to the Vatican, the "left of center" and secular media and just a few "right of center" groups for making us aware of the good work. It is an important and difficult task, especially when you consider they are dealing with countries all over the world, including third world countries. Abuse isn't an American problem, an Irish problem or limited at all. This commission has their work cut out for them. Pray for them and the pope. 

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