Friday, March 20, 2015

Movement, and not, Among Hierarchy

The Vatican announced on Friday, March 20, 2015 that  a senior Cardinal in Australia resigned  over "sexual impropriety allegations".

An Australian Archbishhop was charged on Tuesday, March 16, 2016 with covering up for a pedophile priest in the 1970's.

A newly appointed Chilean bishop who has been linked to a notorious abuse case is causing waves.  He has the full support of the Vatican while many are calling for his removal.

Peter Saunders, a member of the pontifical commission on abuse, has been critical of another case in Missouri where Bishop Robert Finn has been criminally convicted of failure to report suspect abuse and remains in office.

Is it any wonder that there is criticism, confusion and a lack of confidence the the Vatican will do anything to resolve the problem of among bishops?

Case One.  The Cardinal removed himself under Vatican pressure.
Case Two.  The Archbishop was criminally charged. No action from the Vatican.  Yet.
Cast Three.  A Bishop known to be associated with an abuse case was appointed by the Vatican.
Case Four.   A Bishop criminally convicted remains in office after a apostolic visitation to investigate the case, with no action taken by the Vatican. Yet.

What are we to make of this?

With the new Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Children, I tend to think that they are developing their guidelines and subsequent action will be taken based on them.  However, commission guidelines are not needed for the Pope to act if action is necessary.

As they say, facts are stubborn things.  Public perception can be fuelled by strong emotions, especially when deep pain is involved and injustice seems to be taking place.

We don't know all the facts in these situations.  We know what has been made public, and even that may be skewed.  Lord knows there is plenty of public opinion.
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I will always beat the drum for the victims.  As we watch things unfold, and read articles that usually contain painful stories, many of us are snapped back to those deeply painful areas of our soul that perhaps we thought had been healed.

The Lord heals a bit at a time, layer by layer.  Sometimes I want to wrap myself up in a cocoon to protect myself from reinjury.  I don't want to read the papers, listen to the news, watch the Twitter feed or the blogs.  However, I have come to realize that lancing that wound is part of the healing process for me, so I do watch the news.  It is not pleasant, but the Lord is always there to hold my hand, as well as those in my support system.

I hope you are experiencing healing.  Educating yourself can bring immense freedom from shame, the sense of aloneness and even self-blame.  You will find resources on this web site.  Visit your diocese's Office of Child and Youth Protection and see what your Victim Advicate has to offer.  There is help.  And most importantly, there hope.

You are in my prayers.
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